The Story

We designed this device for our beloved dog Peggy. As being our inspiration, Peggy was the reason why we invented such necessary device for all cats, dogs and their owners. Unfortunately, our dear Peggy passed away in the aftermath of an operation she underwent. This heartbreaking loss made us improve the device and made it better in honor of Peggy. With her memory, we aimed to meet this essential need for cats, dogs, and their owners.

Yaprak and Yagmur designed this product for their pet, Peggy, they feed at home. For this reason they register Peggymatic as the brand of this device. However Peggy could not see the prototype because she could not survive after an undergoing surgery. This sad situation did not deter them and they quickly decided to commercialize the device for Peggy's memory. For this reason they take the advantage of using a professional, their father, agricultural engineer and zoologist to speed up their business.