Instructions Manual

Instructions Manual

Charged battery and lightness of PEGGYMATIC enables an easy usage and portability for every user.

1- Open the box in the upright position
2- Remove the contents of the box in sequence
3- Connect the adapter to your device and wait for it to be charged until the "battery is fully charged green light" is lit. If the LED light is Red, it needs to be charged.
4- Slowly fill with water by opening the clean water filling cap.


The battery pack recharges in approximately 2 hours and is expected to perform 20-25 washes in a single charge. (It may vary depending on the battery life and technical conditions!!!)

Do not fill directly under the tap!!!

Although the device is insulated, against possibility to cause water to reach the electronic circuit and battery area with the overflow, this is strictly not recommended. This may cause malfunctions. 

Please fill the water slowly and without overflow.



Paw Cleaning

- Use the device by putting one foot of your pet at a time.
- When the Switch Sensor detects the foot of your pet, pressured water is given from top and bottom, and brushes start to rotate clockwise
- This process takes about 10 seconds and ends automatically.
- You need to do the same procedure for other feet.
- In case of emergency, you can terminate the operations immediately by pressing the EMERGENCY BUTTON, you can make it ready for use by pressing the BIDE button once when you want to restart.

Backside and Tail End Cleaning
- You can also make only the after-toilet cleaning after the foot washing process is completed or without starting the foot washing process.
- By aligning the device to the butt area of your pet in the holding direction and while it is in full contact with your pet's body, you can keep the BIDE button pressed and get the water directly from the inner bottom part of the device.
- This process takes about 5 seconds and ends automatically.
- If you operate the device without making full contact with the body of your pet during this process, there may be a possibility of splashing water.

If You Cannot Operate the Device
- Batteries may not be charged sufficiently (If the LED is red, wait a maximum of 2 hours until it turns green).
- There may not be enough water in the clean water tank.
- You must press the BIDE button to operate after pressing the Emergency Button.
- If it still doesn't work, please contact us.

WARNINGS - Restrictions for Use
- If there are excessive or broken nails on the paw,
- If leg and paw area feathers are very long and there are irregular entanglements,
- If there is abnormal accumulation of excessive dirt on paw and legs,
- If there is oil, asphalt, resin, gum or similar dirt on paw and legs,
- If there is chemical material contact or contamination on paw and legs,
- If there are thorns, ivy, tangled rope or similar materials on paw and legs,
- If there are open wound, suture or similar medical intervention conditions on paw and legs,
- If there is tenderness or allergy to water, brushes or scrubbing on paw and legs,
- If there is a drawback to scrub with water with the advice of veterinary,
- If there is a drawback to the use of the device with the advice of the veterinary,
- If there is a case of cyst, wound, tenderness, discomfort, allergic situation or a bad effect of water in anus or genital organs area during the after-toilet cleaning,
- If there are booties, shoe covers or similar materials during the use of the device,
- If the internal cleaning of brush and brush container is not done regularly and adequately,
**If the paw diameter is greater than 9 cm !!!


Paw Cleaning 

  • - Electronic controlled sensor switch detects paw in the device
  • - The pressurized clean water within the device starts to clean legs and to wash underneath paws
  • - The horse hair brush, which is a combination of different sizes for providing a suitability to different races, starts to run in horizontal and vertical directions through the reservoir of the device
  • - After the usage, firstly, water flow stops and secondly, brushing terminates automatically. By this way, the extra amount of water is filtered.
  • - With water scraper in the device, paws will come out nearly dry.
  • - Cleaning of each paw can be completed in order through these steps.


Backside and Tail End Cleaning

Apart from the paw cleaning feature, toilet kit enables tail end cleaning only with pressurized clean water and helps to clean the area of backside and tail end.

Along with the cleaning function, horse hair brushes apply massage to first 5 centimeters of legs and provides a relaxation with bloodstream circulation with oxygenation while it also relieves tiredness. Easy usage provides vitality for your pets as well as easy adaptation and engagement with the device.