my pet is clean, so is my home...



World’s One and Only Device for Pets… Secured by a Patent

PEGGYMATIC is an invention that cleans your cats and dogs’ paws after walking outside and help them to clean their tail ends after toilet/potty training. PEGGYMATIC cleans only with water and brushstrokes and with this innovative feature of the device all patent documents have been acquired. PEGGYMATIC is secured by a patent and you can only find it here..!



After a walk and toilet, the hygiene problem for cats and dogs unfortunately continues, even if their owners try to clean their paws, backsides and tails with wet wipes or suchlike products. Recent scientific studies indicate the fact that the allergens and high dosed chemicals inside the unknown cleaning products pass through pets’ fur to their bodies as these pestilential ingredients cause intoxication and various allergic reactions. Therefore, PEGGYMATIC provides a way of cleaning only with water and brush, in other words, a healthy and trusted alternative, with convenience from its functionality. Our pets are part of our families as they sleep on our beds, pillows and sofas. That is why cleaning their paws after walking outside and their tail ends after their toilet is extremely significant. For this purpose, PEGGYMATIC is the device you are looking for if you want to keep the hygiene in your life and your pet’s comfort, both are at the same time.